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The extraction components include diode & CO2 lasers, getters, a cryotrap, and integrated motion, vision, and vacuum systems that are controlled by LabVIEW software written by Jeremy Hourigan of UC Santa Cruz (Hourigan does system automation on a consulting basis via Santa Cruz Laser Microfurnace).  The bulk of the 40Ar/39Ar and He analyses are performed using a Noblesse magnetic sector mass spectrometer controlled by Visual Basic software provided Nu Instruments.  A Pfeiffer Prisma quadrupole mass spectrometer used for some He analysis.   Further refinement of the control system is currently underway.  

Gas Extraction

A fully-automated 10 watt Synrad CO2 laser system is available for single crystal fusi

Incremental heating is accomplished using a fully automated, 75 W, 980 nanomet

A New Wave, Nd-YAG 213 nm UV laser is used to map 40Ar/39Ar age distributio

Gas Purification

This extraction line configuration is used to perform most types of 40Ar/39

The split configuration allows simultaneous independent analysis to be performed with the Nobless

The neon configuration is simular to the standard configuration but allows access to a 20

Measurement & Standardization

The Nu Instruments Noblesse is

A Pfeiffer Prisma Quadrupole mass spectrometer is available for He measurements in diffusion meas

Five fully automated pipette systems with nominal 0.1 cc pipette volumes and 4 liter resevoirs de