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Split Configuration

The split configuration allows simultaneous independent analysis to be performed with the Noblesse and Quadrupole mass spectrometers.  Gas evolved via laser ablation of thin section materials is purified with a 10 l/s SAES getter in a small volume extraction line.  Over 9o% of the sample gas is transferred to the Noblesse for 40Ar/39Ar analysis.  Independently, the diode laser can perform incremental heating for He diffusion studies involving apatite, zircon, monazite, or rutile.  Sample gas may be spiked with 3He prior to analysis.  All gas is purified with a 10 l/s SAES getter and admitted to the Pfeiffer Prisma quadrupole mass spectrometer for analysis.  Continuous heating for high-resolution Arrhenius data is possible.